Necklace with Kids Names

Looking for the perfect necklaces to celebrate something special with your kids? We have the best options for you, our nameplate necklaces with kids’ names. These are the perfect gift for any time, any occasion.

There are many things hidden in a name which is hand stamped in necklace form. Our custom necklaces with kids’ names are the perfect gift for your loved daughter or son.

Some of these name necklaces can be engraved with up to two names and some even include 7names. So you can engrave what you need.

There are many options that put name necklaces at the top. Take a look at our collections and find the best one for you and your kids.

10 Best Necklace with Kids Names

Though we have many custom name necklaces, we have gathered 10 to make your choice easier. Take a look at below top 10 to find what you are looking for:

Personalized Russian Ring Necklace- 3 Interlocking Rings

These fabulous three-ring necklaces are inspired by the timeless Russian ring design of three interlocking rings which is perfect for everyday wear. Each of the rings is designed for engrave up to 22 characters including spaces, so you can add names of your kids along with your name, special dates or words on each ring. These three-ring necklace features a necklace of 3 interlinked and free-moving rings.

Personalized Name Necklace for Mothers

These necklaces are similar to the above, but here you are getting option to get them in an open form (no 2) and close form (no 1). Besides you will get matched birthstone with no 2 as well as you are able to select four or five disc as you want, in case of both. You can also order this with your kids name their favorite color stones. These necklaces are available on three colors- silver, rose gold and gold.

Personalized Mom Necklace with Birthstone

This is an amazing necklace for mom and daughters and sons. The love sign and amazing beauty of this necklace makes it perfect to wear anywhere which will show your bong with your kids. You can add different color birthstones with the name of your kids which will show their birth month. This zinc alloy made stylish and classic necklace comes with a 45cm long chain.

Personalized Infinity 3 Name Necklace

Wear this and show your infinity love for your kids. This is amazingly designed with 3 names on infinity sign along with a heart in one side. You can engrave your three kids name or your kids name with you and your husband’s name here. This zing alloy made 4cm infinity pendant will show your infinity love for your family and kids.

Personalized Family Tree Name Necklace

This round shaped family tree necklace will show your family bonding along with family member’s name under a family tree. You can engrave your kids name or any family member’s name on it. This one designed with a hanging love sign with a tree inside and comes with an adjustable chain, so it’s gorgeous enough to gift as you will get a beautiful box with it.

Personalized Mother Necklace with Birthstone

This one is for them who are searching for a necklace to engrave their full family member’s name. This is the only option for them who want to engrave upto 7 names on a single locket. This is so gorgeous in design and made with 6 birth stones on the outer surface of the big heart. You can engrave each name upto 8 letters on this sterling silver necklace. Order now to cover your full family name on a single pendant.

Personalized Name Necklace With Birthstones

This is another heart shaped custom name pendant with birthstones for engraving two names. You can engrave your two kids name or your name with your kids here. This is so gorgeous that you can gift it to your daughter or son on any occasion. This 3.1*3.0cm pendant is made of sterling silver and gorgeous enough to give anyone surprise gift.

Personalized Name Necklace For Couples, Best Friends

This is almost similar as like previous one but this time here are no birthstones. You can engrave two names as like the previous one. The necklace comes with three different colors and four different sizes, so you can choose according to your needs. The font is amazing with a classic appearance, makes it gorgeous to wear anywhere.

Necklace with Kids Name And Birthstone

This is another heart shaped necklace which you can engrave with four names along with four birthstones. There are four bars in the middle of the heart and four names are engraved on four different bars. Four different birthstones will be on the right side of names with bars. They are made of 925 sterling silver and available in silver and gold color, so definitely they are classy to use on any occasion as well as durable to use regularly.

Personalized Family Tree Necklace

This is another family tree necklace but this time there is no heart shaped portion in the middle. Instead of heart shape here is another round shape where you can engrave two more names (up to 16 characters) and on the big circle you can engrave four names (up to 32 characters). You are allowed to choose from 4 different chain sizes.

We Have Many More Custom Nameplate Necklaces